j.vanovervelt: At the lake
a.j.vladimirov: Moscow. December.
a0931342819: DSC_5153_00001-臘梅
i can see your pixels: dilapidated shed
tquist24: Winter in Indiana (23)
a0931342819: DSC_5165_00001- 臘梅
Andrea Moscato: Stuðlagil Canyon (Iceland)
Steve Barowik: The Duomo - Florence
Gill Stafford: The watcher
Gill Stafford: One of those days!
ads1381: A tough year....
alexander.szep: Mühlfeld. Josefi-Marterl, 2017
a7m2: The Rax
Erik Christensen242: c20130730_NFX_7034
1875Brian: Highland Cow
radkuch.13: Vienna Red Army Memorial
alainpere407: Distanciation
Alzheimer1: Amaryllis, pistil and stamen
Hayashina: round window
skruemel86: In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft (In tranquillity lies strength)
Clouds Catcher: Sunshine on the façade
donnieking1811: Surreal Fall Foliage
Charles in Shanghai: Harding Klimanek and Kien family children in mini-boats in a pond in The Hague, 1934
bruno barbero: Piane di Folecchio
Clouds Catcher: Saline Quartu II
Tan Choon Mun: DSCF3661