Garry Johns: Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Maria Eklind: Puddle reflection
Jacopo Tonini: After the Rain, Before the Sun
Jacopo Tonini: Some fun before dinner
May-margy: F_MG_4010-BW-Canon 6DII-Canon 70-300mm-May Lee. 廖藹淳
LiveFromLiege: Rue Saint-Paul (Liège 2020)
LiveFromLiege: Rue Saint-Paul (Liège 2020)
RandyKrauch: San Luis Creek’s canvas of blues, greens, steel, man-made, & organic.
a.k.a. Jon Bewlay: Clarence Pier reflected
Jacopo Tonini: Balance
Reintje en Foekie: Ede, Hoekelum Castle
piktorio: autumn puddle
Pascal Volk: Big buildings require big puddles
Reintje en Foekie: Ede, Hoekelum Castle, Coetshuys
Jacopo Tonini: Autumn's Reflections
Jacopo Tonini: Total Reflection in Black&White
Jacopo Tonini: Italian Sky Reflections in water 0363
Pascal Volk: Berlin Alexanserplatz 2020-10-30 gegen 18:03:49 CET
greengrocer48: After the rain
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Thorbeckegracht
dorothea knie: Neuss hinterm Bahnhof
dorothea knie: zerrissenen
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, Thorbeckegracht
Franco Coluzzi: An evening stroll in Maribo
Jacopo Tonini: So Quiet
Jacopo Tonini: Riflesso dorato