vern Ri: Crocus,
Inga Arna: IXP Counter A Please don´t comment on this.
Howdys: alte Wand / old wall
birdsAus: in tree
Tobi_2008: This is Sunday morning
Atilla2008: Between the Spires
Körnchen59: train station
5816OL: _TL84696-E_
NatureInYourBackyard: ...Grey heron (Ardea cinerea)
sh@ron0 (no ️fav without com): Pink is a Cheery Colour
Paolo Gennari: _32DSC_7441bb
Geordie_Snapper: The Struggle leading its way down to Ambleside
Andrzej Kocot: Fog in the morning
corinna1411: amazing landscape
Peideluo: Sunset colors
Ho's Photog: Anna's Hummingbird (Female) building nest
Stefan Zwi.: Sightseeing flight in the evening
b.four: village de Belvédère
Rainer Albrecht: Into the Sun
luigi.alesi: Marche countryside
Andrea Moscato: Trollstigen - The Trolls Road (Norway)
Francesca D'Agostino: Nostalgia...
Eleanor (Stay safe everyone): Beautiful Bertha HFF
jenniwren4284: Heaven on Earth
pablo 2011: Cigogne blanche - Ciconia ciconia - White stork
Foto Pau: The afternoon
soferlie: Yellowstone - 181