labrossephotography: Oct_2020_XT36560
rustuerata: Fall Bougainvillea
Sean Anderson Media: "Something wicked this way comes!"
bior: Summer
bior: Summer
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sid2sid: DSC06509_Л135_2_8_1
sid2sid: DSC06853_Л135
Thomas Cizauskas: Inselberg pine
Dave Sexton: Rue Saint Paul, Old Port Montreal
Russell Young, F.R.P.S.: Meandering Road
RDPress: Simultaneous Contrasts #2 (after Van Gogh's Les Iris), 2020 Technical: Olympus PEN E-PL2 Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 1.4/50mm ISO 200 f/2.8 @ 1/1600 sec. Gossen Luna-Pro F (Key +0, Fill -2) Post Processing: PhaseOne Capture One Pro v. 8
Thomas Cizauskas: Hobgoblin
Martin__Loeffler: Martin Loeffler, 2019, Berlin — November in Berlin
Thomas Cizauskas: Alley & garage
Martin__Loeffler: Martin Loeffler, 2019, Berlin — Dorotheenstadt Cemetery 1
FotodioxPro: DaoLite Vampiress
weeviltwin: Pedometer
Dominique Robert: ... then try this!
Martin__Loeffler: Martin Loeffler, 2019, Parkdale — The Summer Seems So Long Ago
Aaron Glenn Campbell: Dogwood in Autumn, 2020.10.12
Sean Anderson Media: Lady Vampire
Martin__Loeffler: Martin Loeffler, 2019, Toronto — End of the Line