Peter Looker: Builder's Labourer carrying bricks in basket, Kathmandu
rivertea: Moke Lake, Queenstown
ErLemPhotographies: L1030884-1-2
mangoldm: Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, Liberty, ca. 1884, painted terra cotta and tin
mangoldm: William Rimmer, The Falling Gladiator, 1861, plaster
mangoldm: William Wetmore Story, The Libyan Sibyl, modeled 1861, carved 1868, marble
Terry Cioni: L1000835.jpg
daveseargeant: HIgh Force
danielfrimley: View from the Royal Box, Teatro Massimo, Palermo
danielfrimley: View from the top down, Cefalù
S_Peter: Narvikfjellet Sunset
ckilger: Sax and Lights
ebenette: Drop dead gorgeous mustard yellow Alligator
patricio007: Reflejos
romanboed: Lisbon
Xerones: Agapanthus & Hoverflies 1
David Velasco.: _2013.05.17 - 0920-3-4-1-R. Nga.Oslo.
Zinovi1: L1050776f
Terry Cioni: L1001290.jpg
Terry Cioni: L1001196-Edit.jpg
jlben Juan Leon: Zona de Embarcaciones
Thanathip Moolvong: NayPyiTaw, the capital of Myanmar.
Zinovi1: L1050803f
Diziet 'I Like Toast': I'm not over you yet...