NR1984: 2134
Aussie Alco Fan: 3AX5-NR35-3AK6-BL31-G539-8165-Bowmans-02072019
Photos by L-1172: 3026 departing Wangaratta.
Rob 1976: Cronulla bound 46 class. (scan)
petercousins47: 3112 ENFIELD OPEN DAY APRIL 96
NR1984: 8L28
Rob 1976: 2003 Illawarra line diversion No 2. (scan)
bukk05: 8165 is stabled on a rake of 20 grain wagons in Dimboola yard
bukk05: NR114 rides solo on PM4 departing Horsham with a mix of steel and container loading
bukk05: 8133 stabled in Horsham on a wet night behind the rail grinder in road 3 on the AK cars
Thomas Bulic: Electric Support
Thomas Bulic: Caught in the Storm
Aussie Alco Fan: Southbound Aurizon
NR1984: T285
NR1984: DSA8
Monty4401: Port Waratah. 19/9/10
bukk05: NR92 waits for the crews to finish talking shop so it can continue PM4 to Melbourne
NR1984: D403
Brians Railway, Bus and Shipping Collection: IMG_2815 42103 Allandale 5R93 23.2.19_1
NR1984: 6S60
NR1984: 6S46
bukk05: NR92 ambles its way into Dimboola from the loop for a crew change on PM4 steel
bukk05: LDP008 in Horsham
NR1984: 9L32
bukk05: LDP008 rockets past Horsham station on D721 movement to Dimboola for PN driver training
Thomas Bulic: On Demand
Thomas Bulic: Electric Quay
bukk05: NR121 with a new coat of paint pulls out of Horsham on AM8 Overland
NR1984: violet crumble
CPH 3: Pacific National - 2019-05-06.