TinPebble: Roots
flying-leap: Haybales.....
ujs-p: Swamp Session
Manitoba Museum of Finds Art: where seagulls rest
kaumpphoto: Tangled Lives
kevin.boyd: Lest We Forget
Bosc d'Anjou: Postcard from Bergen
nisahnet: city abstracts
Carolin Juliane Krüger: Entwurzelt / Uprooted
davebloggs007: Saturday morning walk downtown
Bracus Triticum: Careless Calgary Cup #129
Bracus Triticum: Nutty Club Mascot on Building
velodenz: Hungry Birds
velodenz: Cup Holders
pola's: Hidden pictures
RossCunningham183: Judging the cows at the Kiama Show
jimj0will .: Last of the West Country (for now)
jimj0will .: Younger
philou.61: Gelb-grün / yellow-green
philou.61: Schwanenreinigung / Swan cleaning
starcargo322: Hvaler in winter
birdsetcetera: Snow Squall
starcargo322: Rena roads
horstg1: railway waggon _DSC3400-501ND850
horstg1: Hamburg,Alster boatcafe _DSC3747-501ND850
Sulivan_Hub: Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp
Simon W. Photography: Headstone Tunnel (2). Derbyshire
/ ken sillence/: _DSC3211 BUZZARD