ewawrona29: Pfingstrose
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: another view of the cake
ingrid eulenfan: Golden Heart
BKHagar *Kim*: You Have My Heart!
linda_lou2: V is for Valentine
Through Serena's Lens: Valentine's Day Heart delivery
~DGH~: Happy Heart Day!
vertblu: sugar, sugar
Wendy:: Love is in the air!
paulinecurrey: You Make My Heart Swirl
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: H is for silver heart
Travlin/Cindy16: DSC_0678-1 ~ “MACRO MONDAYS” ~ and “ZIPPER” ~ “1/27/20” ~
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: O is for awesome orange slices
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: R is for robust rye (and red)
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: Q is for a quartet of quarters in a sQuare
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: Z is for zany zebra zig-zags
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: S is for stylized and sequined in a square
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: N is for nifty nut
hcorper: Heart
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: T is for thirsty turkish terrycloth towel
auntneecey: count your cookies...
Sue90ca MORE OFF THAN ON RIGHT NOW: Our Daily Challenge: LOVE
Sue90ca MORE OFF THAN ON RIGHT NOW: The Flickr Lounge: Cups / Mugs / Glasses
ingrid eulenfan: Kaffeepause