martinritter1: Winterwald 041212-30a
martinritter1: Trockenblumen 160220-7
David Velasco.: _2013.05.17 - 1033-9-2-R. Nga.Oslo.
freeatlast.52913: The Senior Years
David Velasco.: _2008.03.08 - 023-5-09-0-R. Zamora.
annalisa ceolin: Carnevale Venice
David Velasco.: _2008.03.08 - 023-5-09-1-R. Zamora.
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klh1332: Death Valley in Black and White
David Velasco.: _2006.10.18 - 0933-3-1-2-R. India-Orcha.
marylee.agnew: Ice Queen
"Jerry" Newman: Hauge Log Church 1852
freeatlast.52913: Silence is a virtue
Mw. Monique: Stracciatella Quark
martinritter1: Lindauer Moor 240120-4
Photo Lotus: DSC_4272
Of Light & Lenses: Green life on the rock
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{april h}: :: a charm of stillness - that hush in which something gathers ::
annalisa ceolin: Barriere
Aloneunderholder: The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say ...
MAY / 2: Lui et AiLe ...
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martinritter1: Winterwald 190120-01
{april h}: :: 1.18.20 ::
martinritter1: Bokeh 010120-3