My Shot Will Shoot U: Beauty of Crepe jasmine | Pinwheel flower | in Tamil it's called "Nandhiyavattam". which is used for bridal hairdo in most southern part of India.
RainoL: Lake Laahtanen (Ristijärvi, Kainuu, 20190703)
RainoL: Tarenaya hassleriana in the National Botanic Garden of Latvia (Salaspils, 20180803)
q-cargo30979707: DSC_1241 C.Red Red Rose
denisbin: Mitcham. Old fashioned fuchsia cardinal registered as a hybrid in 1938. Beautiful pink and purple flowers.
tmattioni: I say love, it is a flower
wafanlane: Drumstick primrose (Primula denticulata)
wafanlane: Scilla Autumnalis
PHOTOGRAPHYSUAT: leaves saturated @flickr
Chrissie2003: Dusty Miller
Kim Yokota: Tiny Table #11 - Reaching
Kim Yokota: Variegated English Ivy (Hedra helix Variagata)
rumerbob: Japanese Camellia.
Polylepis: Ceratostylis octomerioides
denisbin: Sheep Hills.The Commercial Hotel. Built 1884 as Jenkins Hotel. 1903 Railway Hotel. 1915 Commercial Hotel. Mr Cain bought it 1950. Now a residence.
sandro349: Garden scene
sandro349: Garden scene
sandro349: Garden scene
photosumika: ミモザ(銀葉アカシア)
Harry 66: quiet place in vienna
JuanjoJose2018: Alien Rosa
shin ikegami: This work is 11/18 works taken on 2020/1/9
shin ikegami: This work is 10/18 works taken on 2020/1/9
wjaachau: Brilliant Pink Orchids
LLD photographie: Chaenomeles japonica
Alexandre D_: Snowdrop
Clém VDB / Tiogris: Tapis végétal