StriderNguyen: Winter lights at Ushijima Shrine 2023
leo.roos: Cleaning windows
Aussie Jono: Balmoral Cemetery Landscape IR Sony HDR
Marcin Dobrzyniecki: Warsaw bridge at sunrise
remco bruggink: 2023.02.06_13657_Amsterdam Centraal_NS 193766
Rob Baken: Leap of faith
strongestlight: Pfrimm Viaduct
Life_andHue: Lights on metal
DIUK-WAH: The Comfort of a Pot of Tea - FF (R3_00281)
greyloch: Optimus Prime
HRN.POSHOR: 2023 02 06 Message @ Mainz
mimite77: Saint-Sauveur sur École
wdeck: Iris _DSC7294-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIMEd23u
Franck Zumella: a Redwing - une Grive Mauvis
Rob Schop: Most Wonderful Time of the Year
maxathier: Industrial stuff
jkiscycling: Bench for Monday - HBM! Dante's View
greyloch: Brandt's Cormorants
"A.S.A.": First Drop
T_Woo: Ring_Necked
back stage: Monday macro