46canada: Garage Door
K.P. Huang: DSC03841
K.P. Huang: DSC04238
Ed Angel Photography: Coral Sea Storm
Manuel Barroso: Igreja do Mosteiro de Santa Cruz, Coimbra
Franck Zumella: Last quarter of the moon (Explore 69)
DDharm: Summer Harvests
MikeD750: _DSC2714-3
Rob Pitt: Jubilee Bridge (Queensferry)
fedech_: Before the sunset
David G. Hoffman: 030869a-A Day When A Cloudy Mind Feels Right At Home
sairacaz: Ventana
sairacaz: Keykoa y 600
Julian Price - USA: Old Barn in Pelham, Tennessee
hbothmann: Red clouds
kevmor999: Whitby 1
jerome.quadri: DSC01101
Snappy_Snaps: Boundary Bay Eagle
Dirk Buse: Natur Outdoor cold sunny day 22.12.2021 13-21-10
alessandrorossini.com: Clouds and volcanic rocks
chun @ vancouver: sunshine on the terrace
Kirlikedi: DSC03221
Kirlikedi: DSC01394
Kirlikedi: DSC03258
jkiscycling: Mostly blue and brown
jkiscycling: First
HRN.POSHOR: 2022 01 27 Frachtschifffahrt mit Rheinromantik