claude05: finds
Snoek2009: Kappenwindmühle in Museumdorf Cloppenburg on Explore
jmiller713: sunflower "Reflections on Cloud Gate"
daisyglade: Autumn Leaves
mat56.: che coppia!
dougsooley: Sunset & Blooms in Anza
Through The Big Lens: Red winged blackbird, male
Bob Moss “It’s Another Day in Paradise”: Near The Spit Bridge, Middle Harbour Sydney
daisyglade: It's a small world after all
Domtabon: Castle Sunset 3_11_2018 *EXPLORE*
JLuis San Agustín: Atardecer en los Mallos...(Agüero) **Huesca**
JLuis San Agustín: Atardecer en la laguna.
Michael.Kemper: London - Synthesis of the arts
aljones27: Departing [Explored 11/04/2019]
danniepolley: Furrow Orb-weaver, Larinioides cornutus, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Maureen Pierre: White heron
Photosightfaces: Kid tai chi
Photosightfaces: Mystery man
Tristan Shu: The man with wings with JB Chandelier
Tristan Shu: Speedriding Barrel Roll with Michael Regnier
candeemw: ~Up at Dawn~
pete. #hwcp: Black-tailed Skimmer (Explored)
Darrell Wyatt: Waiting For the Wave
Lawrence Chard: Four Umbrellas - Play Area
Lawrence Chard: Three Jewellery Thieves in Blackpool