todd5524: Red Cuckoo Bee!
cawthraw: Oxybelus uniglumis
AM_ru: Grapes
MarkWalpole: Arctic Tern Chick (Sterna paradisaea)
brycewade: Hyla chrysoscelis | Cope's Gray Treefrog
cami.carvalho: Embroidery of Nature
cienfuegos84: Templando las aguas...171/365
mionekoyama: 3-EOS_0807
mionekoyama: 2-IMG_8148
mionekoyama: 1-EOS_0687
Lutra77: White-faced darter
GERICOM30: P1030478
takapata: Japanese tree frog (Hyla japonica)
Unknown-Photographer: Art Reflection
todd5524: Blue Fly
sergerobert1: Orchis de Fuchs (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) M 42 - Beroflex 135 à f 2.8
jcb68730: chevalier culblanc
wingerjohanne: By accident I removed the picture I posted here this morning. it has gone to delete heaven, and I can't respond to the comments I got. So sorry. This is from Røed by the way.
rolf268: Fernweh.......
cezary.morga: Just Before the Dawn
sergerobert1: Epipactis pourpre noirâtre (Epipactis atrorubens) M 42 - Beroflex 135 à f 2.8.
nrssmith: 7104 Knole Park
nrssmith: 7103 Knole Park
nrssmith: 7106 Knole Park
nrssmith: 7105 Knole Park
nature4001: 20AC-008