margo2x: Blues of the Sea
John W Little: Ripples
margo2x: Blue Wave Abstract
David Harris ARPS: Into the depths
cheryl.rose83: By the water
margo2x: Night Sea Abstract
cheryl.rose83: Autumn swirls
[JBR]: Phantomns
cheryl.rose83: Fall reflections
[JBR]: Perplexité sur la nature de l'existence ::
solimages1: Ripples of color
Indigo | 592: [[ :O ]]
haberwolf: HB3_201025_131f
margo2x: Deep Blue
cheryl.rose83: Wooded stream
haberwolf: HB3_201019_49f
margo2x: Diamonds in the Blue
vertblu: the shape of water
vertblu: donuts | somehow
jtr27: Russell Pond
geospace: Wye Reflections
haberwolf: HB3_200921_57f