circleyq: Little Daisy
hakoar: Golden eagle with fully deployed air brakes
Nicole Barge: Où est Alice?
hov1s@: Magpie Inkcap
tez-guitar: Kumoi Water fall
milangondaphotography: Carpathian beech forest, Slovakia.
Sam Droege: flyig spider, Beltsville, face_2020-10-16-17.49.11 ZS PMax UDR
Mark H Lewis: Butterfly on blue
valpil58: Papilio palinurus ad ali spiegate.
agialopoulos: The lake in shadows...
gcampbellphoto: Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres)
E.K.111: Afternoon nap on a sunny day in Antarctica
Rhysp1: Cwm Casseg
Baspherical: BAS-K3PB8536
Olivier Brosseau: Misumène variable
Zinovi1: SDIM0027f
MarTou72: Pusteblume
Javi Diez Porras: Mycena rosea
Through The Big Lens: Vermillion flycatcher
Bernhard_Thum: First sunlight at Schalihorn, Weisshorn and Bishorn
tez-guitar: Super Falls
akcharly: Autumn light and reflections
blax_r: Sparrow_8502239
Tiphaine Rolland: Peck Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Photos By JM: White-crowned Sparrow