fuchs.ab: The acorn - with black background
fuchs.ab: Skyscrape with round forms
fuchs.ab: Winter with lots of mallards
fuchs.ab: Ponte Sant´ Angelo - Rom
fuchs.ab: Speglingbnw
fuchs.ab: The window
fuchs.ab: Gull in the city Rom
fuchs.ab: Colosseo Quadrato
fuchs.ab: Winterroad from frogperspective
fuchs.ab: Up up in the sky
fuchs.ab: The bird
fuchs.ab: hjorten
fuchs.ab: The man in the portico vailt
fuchs.ab: Solitaire
SteveH1972: Grimsby Town fans v Scunthorpe United, Blundell Park
fuchs.ab: Blade of grass against the sky
SteveH1972: Chris Doig, Scunthorpe United assistant manager
ilMax72.com: Bianco e Nero
ilMax72.com: Modena
ilMax72.com: Modena
ilMax72.com: Modena
ilMax72.com: Reggio Emilia
SteveH1972: Chris Doig
ilMax72.com: Venezia
SteveH1972: Winterton Rangers
SteveH1972: Adam Hamill
SteveH1972: Richie Wellens, Swindon Town manager
ilMax72.com: Girasoli
SteveH1972: Barton Cruftz 2019, Barton upon Humber