dimce.lozanoski: Blackandwhite silhueta
max tuguese: television tower
bezpoante: DSC_2684
deboof: The Smile. Anno 2003. Amsterdam.
deboof: The bikeride. Landscape with bicycle and fence.
young00: desert
Artybee: 67C7EFCF-20B0-4301-AEAC-B97C6156A3B1
Claus Preuschoff: Place to pee!
airamalzarodiazdecastro: on the road again
Francois Photography: Trang An, Vietnam
Cornelis photographer / author: Austria, Straden, Floriani Church -2019
Cornelis photographer / author: Cuba, Camagüey -2019
rebfoto...away on assignment..: Wishes ... (c)rebfoto
bezpoante: What Not
annie.cure: Abstract Mind
dimce.lozanoski: After raining
Stereophonik: Doggy cobweb face
young00: IMG_0152
dimce.lozanoski: Blackandwhite infinity
Cornelis photographer / author: Cuba, Trinidad -2019
ucn: Full Circle (II)
Zach K: Double exposure effect at bodega window around the block from workplace
Cornelis photographer / author: Cuba, the road Bayamo to Santiago de Cuba -2019
Cornelis photographer / author: Austria, Eisenerz -2018
christikren: .... looking down ....