Geoff Threadgill: A break in the cloud
Tabbi Kat: Hooray for Sunshine!
hmeyvalian: Il suono del vento...
Warren Gates: "Are you sure we won't run out of peanuts?"
Xena*best friend*: More snow, please!!!!! ;-)
Wil James: One cold frosty morning
guysamsonphoto: Pêche sur la glace
guysamsonphoto: Jacinthe et décorations de Noël
Xena*best friend*: I Deserve a Snack!!!!
George Kurzik: Manayunk Snow
guysamsonphoto: Paysage d'hiver revisité
:SARA_be:: 😎☃⛷- Wintertraum - "Leise rieselt der Schnee" Blick durch mein Küchenfenster 🎵
hmeyvalian: La magia di un mondo in bianco...
douglas pike: reindeer eyes
Dave Linscheid: Red Shed
Wil James: farm gate
Cybershiner: Happy New Year 2020
Wil James: Black and white landscape
douglas pike: reindeer
ultravivid imaging: 8R9A6113-17sPtaMzl1TBbGERk2
guysamsonphoto: Jacinthe, Line, Lucille et Pixel
guysamsonphoto: Richard et Pixel
guysamsonphoto: Lulu et son manteau rouge
Diane G. Zooms---Mostly Off: Christmas Squirrel
guysamsonphoto: Deux chevaux de trait
Cybershiner: More of that two foot snow we had the other day.
Xena*best friend*: ❅ Snowy Autumn ❅
Cybershiner: Snow in my yard.
gue*: children's dream
Xena*best friend*: ❅ Between The Snow & Marigold ❅