Matt Hahnewald: 2020-12a Yucatan (13c light leak) 2021 Valerie
Charles in Shanghai: Group of friends, Shanghai, ca. 1937
YouOnFoto: DSCF4497-3
leroux.maximilien62: Croquez la vie IMG_5886
Bruce Adler: The Beautiful Smile of a Beautiful Woman
YouOnFoto: DSCF4350-6
leroux.maximilien62: Sourire _DSC3187
fogline: The Radiant One
G.R.S.Photos: Manhattan (Times Square Area), NYC
YouOnFoto: DSCF9009-2
repairthemoon: Shelby-90
fogline: Clown In Training
YouOnFoto: DSCF4312-10
radargeek: Sparkling smiles
fogline: A Cover Up
Charles in Shanghai: Zoia Harding Klimanek and Frans de Jongh, Shanghai, 1922
YouOnFoto: DSCF4366-8
elewitus Peru: A smile from the WalMart pharmacy
fogline: Kimmie & JB
Charles in Shanghai: Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC), Hong Kong, 1950, retirement Klimanek
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YouOnFoto: DSCF3571-15
ubuc: India