dweible1109: Penns Landing Sunrise
Anowarul Haq: When Time Stands Still । যখন সময় থমকে দাঁড়ায় ।
alex.erismann: Belchenfluh, 2022
Jim Zenock: _MG_7640_DxO
ingemar_akerlind: City dawn
tomaszpluta1: Sunrise over the Baltic Sea "TORPEDOWNIA"
johncheckley: 2022-1691 - Below Twistleton Scar End, Yorkshire Dales.
johncheckley: 2022-1694 - Twistleton Scar End, Yorkshire Dales.
Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_9201_1 - London, Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guard.
Bruchino: Ultime foglie
Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_9153_1 - London. Greenery (and a black cab) in front of Buckingham Palace
Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_9157_1 - London, Buckingham Palace. Not exactly a royal car
martincarlisle: Medicine Lake
Enrayor: The Sheep.
darrenball189: Staithes up High
ingemar_akerlind: Golden reflections in the dockland
ingemar_akerlind: Branches, foliage and fallen leaves
Mario Ottaviani Photography: Last sunset on Monte Isola
z.vago: Why does my heart feel so bad
samsonleePhoto: Peng Chau cinema (middle). Opened in 1978. Closed in 1987 due to inadequate spectators
Merrillie: Sunrise over the water with fog, boats, clouds and reflections
MikoFox: Midday Rainstorm Blowing In
MikoFox: Midday Rainstorm and Sun
MikoFox: Beaver Flooded Habitat - Little Fox Lake Valley
peterstratmoen: DSC07079
peterstratmoen: DSC07082
Mark Howard STOCK Photos: Rural Autumn Pond
Matt Whit71: Gloomy Beauty