jazzfoto.at: Martin Zrost: sax
johnbolden: Ravi Coltrane
arthuralex: IMG_6420c America the Beautiful
arthuralex: IMG_6413a valves in brass
arthuralex: IMG_6385bw me on sax
johnbolden: Rafael Statin: John Coltrane Celebration, Charles H Wright Museum.
saracaja: fuck the system, play some instrument and don’t leave your sunglasses and your monkey face either
adriangeephotography: OTIS GRAND AND THE BIG BLUES BAND. 65
Pégé86: ¡Havana Si! - Orlando Valdes
Pégé86: ¡Havana Si!
Stephen G Wild: Woodwind
tmr_flickr2009: Rachel Therrien; and the walls did not crumble (for now) Montreal Jazz Festival (FIJM 2019, Day 8)
KM's Live Music shots: Sammy Rimington International Band (2019) 01 - Sammy Rimington
sab89: The Gangbe Brass Band
sab89: The Gangbe Brass Band
pics by ben: Musical Art
jazzfoto.at: Antonio Brazalez: trombone, elec
johnbolden: Joshua Redman, saxophonist.
arthuralex: IMG_5169a
arthuralex: IMG_5153a
arthuralex: IMG_5118a bass and 'bone
tim.perdue: The Man With the Horn
KM's Live Music shots: Alice Leggett Quartet (2019) 01 - Alice Leggett
jazzfoto.at: Jay Rodriguez: sax, flute
jazzfoto.at: Ches Smith: drums / Jay Rodriguez: sax, flute