LeszekZadlo: Giza / Gizeh, Egypt
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Bunnythorpe - Glaxo's birthplace (c.1937) (1)
sdttds: World Animal Day
boeckli: Natural beauty - and some indigenous rock art
SooozhyQ: Lilac blossom - Minnesota St. pocket park in Dogpatch, SF
Jeffrey Balfus (thx for 8 Million views): Coquille River Light House, Bandon OR
msfwatson@rogers.com: 2019 Dec. 28 ~ Red Squirrel (during early winter mild spell)
WalrusTexas: Gothic Renaissance Modern
hoanglongphoto: _J5K0870-74.0617.1.Lao Chải.Mù Cang Chải.Yên Bái
philipgmayer: Mill Street, Liverpool 8. March 2010.
LeszekZadlo: Winter/ zima
LeszekZadlo: Sierpc, Mazovia, Poland
LeszekZadlo: Frombork, Warmia, Poland
sean and nina: Nina .. All to herself... stunning by the sea in Zadar
LeszekZadlo: Radom, Poland
LeszekZadlo: Tolkmicko, Warmia, Poland
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: American Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)
sorrellbruce: Japanese Maple Leaves
farrellito: Fruity
sean and nina: Nina at Drnis Croatia
ronnie.savoie: Terisa (01_0049A)
Towner Images: The Mount Vernon pub in red Higsons brewery livery
sean and nina: Nina - 3 stages of happiness.... stage 1
sean and nina: Nina at Krka Monastery, Croatia, August 2020
Gilbert Mercier: Rabbi in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles California
hedera.baltica: Blue tit
hedera.baltica: Great tit
gabrielebettelli56: ITALIA: Milano