BlueJakester: Autumn nap
kev747: Bradgate Park Deer Rut 2021
Sue MacCallum-Stewart: Richmond Park
crittersnapper: Young Red Deer
jan_elsnerelsner: DPP_20-06-28_0236
Michel Roesink: Ree - Roe deer - Capreolus capreolus
ColonelParker: Harewood Deer-11
ColonelParker: Harewood Deer-10
david.hogan7: Keeping an eye on the competition
Tom Mortenson: Refreshing Pause
Tom Mortenson: Big Boy
LawrieBrailey: Fire Breather
ianderry64: Autumn Sunrise Red Deer Stag
philgir: Cerf élaphe (Cervus elaphus - Red Deer)
philgir: Cerf élaphe (Cervus elaphus - Red Deer)
crittersnapper: Roaring !
marc.barrot: The King’s Rival …
Ally.Kemp: Roaring Red Stag - Scottish Highlands
paul_pateman1: It's my valley now
jan_elsnerelsner: DPP_20-06-28_0235
Nigel Turner: Red Deer Stag, Powis Castle, Powys, Wales
Nina_Ali: Stuck in a rut!
Tom Mortenson: Mature Whitetail Buck
Brian P Slade Photography: The Quickest Route
moniquedoon: Red Deer in the golden hour
Nusen: Dozing Stag
Nusen: Back off
Nusen: Starstruck Fawn
lepcheurmorcen: Faon de chevreuil 2021
The Wasp Factory: "Leg it, the big one's comin'!"