NR1984: SF916
bukk05: NR14 NR94 and AN4 charge a late MP5 under the Western Hwy at Wail
Amateur-Hour Photography: SSR locomotives 44204+44206+GM27+602+GM22 head west near Maroona, Vic with an empty grain train bound for Dimboola.
Thomas Bulic: What are you doing here?
bukk05: NR8 G537 and 8120 leg XM4 out of Horsham after adding on 8120 in Dimboola
wesleyparsons: service 7938V with 8119, 8174, 8143 sitting at Ouyen Victoria before doing shunt work
Rob 1976: Big and little EMD. (scan)
Rob 1976: SCT with the G's
Brians Railway, Bus and Shipping Collection: IMG_5393 G513 4910 48s34 Belford 5M74 9.8.19_1
vicrailways: Clarence Arrival
Mike_Molnar: Chrysler Spur Reroute
Bradley Matthews Photography: SSR Grain at Corio on 7/8/2019.
vicrailways: C507-C504-BRM002
NR1984: 3BM4
NR1984: 3MB4
wesleyparsons: 6MP9 at Hawthorn SCT011, SCT006, SCT004, CSR001
Greensleeves.94: EL60 'Octagonal', 8030, 872, 8044 7761V
Greensleeves.94: 44204 'Paul Fitzgerald', 44206, GM27, 602, GM22 7CK3
bukk05: 44204 44206 GM27 602 and GM22 load an SSR grain at Dimboola grain flow site
NR1984: 2BW4
Joshua_Watson: Curving Coal
Monty4401: 159.500 Peg Shadow. 28/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7172W
wesleyparsons: 6MP5 at lynton NR115, NR96, NR55
Joshua_Watson: Old Town Road
wesleyparsons: 7MP7 at sleeps hill NR94, AN5, NR102
NR1984: 7YN2
NR1984: 1845
NR1984: 1565
bukk05: SCT005 SCT009 SCT004 and CSR012 depart Horsham right on dusk after a crew change on PM9
bukk05: G524 A71 X37 and X41 roll through Tottenham yard as it nears the end of it journey from Mildura