Michael Brandt Photography: A Beautiful Mess
Andrei Reinol: Color palette
Stephen Oachs (ApertureAcademy.com): "The Matriarch" - Cheetah with 5 cubs in the Masai Mara
Margret Maria Cordts: pink tropical waterlily
Sorin Mutu: Big eyes
Martin Sojka: The Three Musketeers ~ Namibia
Ennio Borgato: Spatola
Sandra Bartocha: ray of light III
Rita Ivanauskas: Misty Morning
Julian Barker: Poppy Sunset
Jim Patterson Photography: Red Velvet - Carmel, California
www.studebakerstudio.com: Black-tailed Gnatcatcher on Creosote Bush
pedro2324: Sunrise on Dartmoor (EXPLORED)
Northernstar28**: The Answer Is Blowin' In the Wind
Greg from Maine: Acadia National Park
Michael Bollino: Veratrum
lfeng1014: By Your Side
Piotr Jaworski: Flou... 2
Hawk_eye_68: Gliding By
vasyapuppkin: Russia
Ivan Ant: We´ve only got the fog
tuvidaloca: „Strahlemann“ (lens study)
yamanaito: Diamond Dust and Mist
Nordkaap: Garrigues in B&W
Ody on the mount: Is there Someone around...
Chris @Bandol: Fooling around
ghostedout: Tax Haven
Desireevo: Lonely beach