patuffel: Sunset in the harbour of Essaouira (Morocco)
gwpics: The New Hats
.rog3r1: Schloss Linderhof - Nebengebäude
Toshi_Tokyo: G0000136
Toshi_Tokyo: G0000362
Thomas Moraitis: Luxembourg
ro8: Left turn
ro8: Classic tourquise
ro8: Whitewall
ro8: eight ball
George020: L1004193-2
George020: L1004090
George020: L1004077
Oregami: "So you're the one!"
Paolo Frediani: Ponte Vecchio
gwpics: The Man with the Rolled Umbrella
photographybytomlane: Running River New Orleans Jazz
Dafydd Penguin: Sunset anchorage....
Dafydd Penguin: Gorge navigation......
Dafydd Penguin: City by the sea......
Dirk Böhling: Sonnendeck / Sun deck
Toshi_Tokyo: G0000124
Paolo Frediani: Ponte Vecchio
rafhuggins: ‘For there, as in some mossy nest The wrens will divers treasures keep, I laid those treasures I possessed Ere that mine eyes had learned to weep.’ from Chamber Music, xxiii, James Joyce streets of Soho, London. 79BC0C1A-3A27-492D-8A55-AF3FA7C1F37F
mich53 - thank you for your comments and 6M view: sunset DxOFP+NKV LM+21 1006771