Emmanuelle2Aime2Ailes: Les cocodriles
wolfgang.kynast: BND-Wanze / CIA bug ;-)
Slávka K: table
López Pablo: Puerta / Door
roelivtil: Welke is anders / Which one is different
lclower19: Arrowhead Veins
heatherpix: The notes are in the bag
Emmanuelle2Aime2Ailes: Les flambeurs
Harald Steeg: vom Samen zur Blüte (Mirabilis jalapa / Wunderblume)
majka44: bouquet
gilberteplessers: What’s in a name.......Ella, It is an Italian name. It means "beautiful fairy" !!
Dagmar :-): White winter
Harald Steeg: leicht wie eine Feder...
miguelmiranda61: Two of a kind but not the same
heatherpix: Bottle shapes and shadows
gilberteplessers: Compliments to the chef.....by Action Bronson. (The benefits of a big nose) !!
D. Huteau: Petit fruit de la passion
veephilion: "Are gnomes for real"?? .....
heatherpix: Music by the Sea
Johannas Pix: orchid
Sonlight812: Pumpkin Flower
Sonlight812: Packer Colors
Jane Statham: Looking close ... on Friday ...
birdsetcetera: (283) In a Row
Gisou68Fr: Tree peony leaf
Bea teDo: Farn & Lavendel
Gisou68Fr: En attendant Noël...