natureloving: Autumn light and shadow
carlos_ar2000: Urban abstract
Doc. Ing.: Woolly Vests - All Sizes!! [Udine - 11 June 2011]
BraCom (Bram): Repetition
maddpete: Right, Left, Right, Left
leo.roos: Colonnades 2
bobbykwibus: Sunset
leo.roos: Rock bucket
kenjet: City Hall Station /NYC
leo.roos: Geometrical wall cladding
gilles_rey: troupeau d'arbres
maddpete: Locked
leo.roos: Fading shopping carts
maddpete: Arches 1
leo.roos: Railings
leo.roos: Chaos and rhythm
RobertLx: Austria Center
Rosmarie Voegtli: clean and ready ...
35mmMan: Roof
leo.roos: Fading chairs
Carlos Chao: DSC_8764
Jesús Moral Nuez: Jarras. jarras. jarras...
Croix-roussien: Just chairs..
leo.roos: Railings
Richard Rumana: Hexagons
leo.roos: Drain