john dusseault: contoured
jungle mama: Ants feed on Golden Milkweed before Monarch Butterflies come
Scientific Photography (9.4 Million+ views: Fresh Cucumber (Explored)
© mpg: °°°°° dots °°°°°
leo.roos: Window
Gwen Ar Breizhou: En résidence avec la Ronde Bleue
Anselmo Portes: Paint the sky with umbrellas
Croix-roussien: Piano out of tune
35mmMan: Pretzels in the park
leo.roos: Inside report: benches
Tigra K: Let's call it winter colors of Santa Fe
Bela Bodo: Lights on the curtain
gilles_rey: Toutankarton
Tigra K: ...crepidoma, columns, entablature (architrave + frieze with metopes and triglyphs + cornice), pediment...
leo.roos: Mysterious writing system
Croix-roussien: Light and shadows playing along the beach
Adaptabilly: Watching the entrance
Ulrich Neitzel: Three stools at a bar
kenjet: Aria Resort & Casino
RobertLx: Luxembourg Philharmonie 3
leo.roos: Fence
Dr Korom: Hotel River Side Garden Resort 106DSC_0074
hp349: Nearly there
Croix-roussien: Old harps exhibition
leo.roos: Railing _ 2
leo.roos: Railings
leo.roos: Zigzag
hp349: Merry Christmas Macro