selcannur: Cambridge 4432, 2021
sushipulla: Tabby cats
Glen Bledsoe: Salem Pubic Library
Simon W. Photography: DOF Gears. Sept 2021
Simon W. Photography: DOF Tyre. Sept 2021
selcannur: Cambridge 4431, 2021
Glen Bledsoe: Path Around the Mirror Pond
Accidental shot: Deep Blue
selcannur: Cambridge 4430, 2021
Glen Bledsoe: "Ole Dan and I, with throats burned dry, and souls that cry for water!"
selcannur: Cambridge 4429, 2021
Glen Bledsoe: First View
selcannur: Cambridge 4428, 2021
_P_S_: :::
Glen Bledsoe: Double
selcannur: Cambridge 4427, 2021
Accidental shot: Ad libitum
Glen Bledsoe: Joining Waterfront Park to Minto-Brown
selcannur: Cambridge 4426, 2021
sushipulla: Calf portraits
Glen Bledsoe: Crazy Play (or What Would John Scarbro Shoot?)
selcannur: Cambridge 4425, 2021
Glen Bledsoe: Concrete Island (Welcome to City Hall)
Lou Musacchio: Little Kitty
Accidental shot: Isola Gallinara
Accidental shot: BMW Classic