CallieAndToby: Beautiful vintage Nashville Country Music bell. Thrifted.
CallieAndToby: Bangles!
jostein.korneliussen: Ykslandsvatnet
CallieAndToby: Lily-pads and orange goldfish.
CallieAndToby: Butterfly on bush.
khalid almasoud: Kuwait City
CallieAndToby: Blackberries and bokeh.
CallieAndToby: Pickin' blueberries 2.
CallieAndToby: Pentax K-01 cameras.
Xenograft: "Soul Sister" by Kordes
CallieAndToby: Eating ice-cream in Apalachicola, FL for lunch.
Xenograft: Borowski glass sculpture
CallieAndToby: Incredible sunset sky.
CallieAndToby: Beautiful purple straw flowers.
Xenograft: IMGP8676
CallieAndToby: Beautiful pink roses on the Mississippi.
Xenograft: Tulips: end of season.
0sire: Into the Universe
Xenograft: April in My Garden
Xenograft: Zeiss Biotar and Pentax K-01
Xenograft: Zeiss Biotar and Pentax K-01
Xenograft: Queen of the Night; single late tulip
Xenograft: In my garden; April