MarkGose: Killdear chick
NORDIC Lightbeams: Flakstadøya Sunrise
franzisko hauser: on a summer meadow
58809: Mohn
jttoivonen: Ghost of a Common Gull
CatnessGrace: flowersplosion
dougkuony: Dew Drops
Jean-Daniel David: Un petit bain avec les canards 2
Jim Oskam: Sparrow
arubow4: I always wanted to be a model
Colormaniac too - Many thanks for your visits!: Flowers for Father - a Tribute
Irene2727: Fly like an angel and dance like the stars
Li st: rock
vladimirmorozov: Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana).
A_VIN: White flowers
Art-by-Bart: Rain in the forest
iangill1948: White-bellied Go Away bird
arkansas traveler: IMG_5111 Taking the High Ground 6-8-14
JDS Fine Art Photography: la magie des montagnes anciennes...
Omygodtom: Colorful Portrait.
rgr_944: Kormoran 10
a____R__t: Oil painting
bratispixl: 2 Gefährten
skagitrenee-In and Out: Paint Brush Against Rock
Photonistan: Blue Rose
Stephen G Wild: In a Yorkshire meadow
Thomas Kirkevåg: Siblings pt.2
miketabak: Black bear and cubs