buffdawgus: Endless River
Howard Brodsky On & OFF: Golden Eagle...Forest Habitat.. incredible Raptor...Coming right for my head.
Howard Brodsky On & OFF: Jousting Snowy's....Commissioned piece for a book cover..Posted with permission ( I retain the rights though)
arkansas traveler: IMG_6512 Halloween Scream 10-10-20
Omygodtom: Hansome.
miketabak: Douglas Fir and roosting Great Gray Owl
armelle25: It's a kind of magic.
David Hamments: Nest Building
Amber Sky Creations: Little Grebe
bratispixl: QA194341 Schattenwurf
Ken Mattison: Autumn Scene
NinoColetti: Some Dance To Remember
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Sunset on Grand Canyon
ralfkai41: when the autumn comes - Wenn der Herbst kommt
George Kurzik: Accomac
boeckli: A problem is a chance for you to do your best. (Duke Ellington)
*Sugarth*: Moro-Sphinx. Explored October 18, 2020
emmhug: ...Entre nubes
alfrd p: ABG_201002_3
YadavThyagaraj: lake,Tahoe,Wallpaper
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Backyard tales...Cooper’s hawk in autumn.
JLM62380: Acorn on moss
A. Walden: Mountain Queen
CatnessGrace: Mother seems irritable today
Alberto.G.Santervás: Lanius silueta
abjorken: Common Blackbird, female (Turdus merula) Koltrast