Ivan Radic: Old pipes in a large public fountain
Ivan Radic: Crushed soda can thrown on dry leaves in the forest
Ivan Radic: Lost kid glove on concrete ground
Ivan Radic: Football ground in the evening with residential buildings in the background
Ivan Radic: Broken side mirror on a car
Ivan Radic: Close-up of a dry leaf on a car tire
shixart1985: Closeup of hot espresso coffe on wooden desk in restaurant with girl in background.
shixart1985: Closeup of attractive woman with smartphone in cafe.
Photos By JM: American Kestrel
en-ri: 597
maggiolonegiallo: Women world 253
charly be white: 20U_5028
Carl Campbell: SMA Bit (82)
AndyW Harz: Lichtblick
Focale Photography: 20200910_104742_FB
maggiolonegiallo: People 246
maggiolonegiallo: Blur & motion 068
Carl Campbell: Saturday 21 March 2015 (91)
Carl Campbell: Men at Work (3)
dweible1109: 18th Century Garden Old City Philadelphia
dweible1109: OMFD Sunset
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ecwillet: red-tailed hawk
trphotoguy: Paulet Island Antarctica: Please Protect my Home!
timme87: Gone fishin'
timme87: Ein Silberstreif
timme87: Odette
timme87: From below
timme87: From above