ecwillet: flying snake
Jonathan Woodland: Wide angle short eared owl perched on tree
Keith Huang Photography copy righted: Great Grey Owl, North of Edmonton, Alberta.
Ramola.J: Dive-bombers!
John David Murphy: Juvenile Common Buzzard in my local park.
James Gregory Wildlife Photography: Buzzards fight for supremacy
Fruit of the Loom - Da Kayo Kid: They always fly AWAY rather than TOWARD
judymtomlinson: Rough-Legged Hawk at Melbourne 2022 02
jack cottone: DSC_5212 Osprey flyby under the moon @ Centerport
jack cottone: DSC_3883 Red Tail Hawk @ Centerport
djrocks66: Snowy Owl
Firasabe: Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) flying to another hunting perch
Raven.Digital: Cooper's Hawk in flight
baechli58: Shikra
ecwillet: hawk spread eagle
stanlupo (Thanks for 5,000,000 views): Wary Red-tail 1_19_22
Gediminas Gražulevičius, Lithuania: Paprastasis suopis (Buteo buteo) Common Buzzard, Mäusebussard - 6F3A9261
Jonathan Woodland: Herald of Winter , Short eared owl
Bryan J. Smith: YELHEACAR chimachima 5428
rumerbob: Adult Bald Eagle.
moro60: PICCHI..Woodpeckers
moro60: PICCHI..Woodpeckers
northamptontoffeeman: Kestrel hunting
Heffordphoto: Snow in the Field
parmrussrap: Southwesterly Redtail
Allan Hopkins: Western Barn Owl (Tyto a. alba) - hunting
ecwillet: just hanging out in the wind