Pen-F-Fan: Two States of Water
nwitthuhn: Painted Lady
Wicked Dark Photography: Bring the noise
Garagnas Photos: Coccinelle_2740s_Thierry Chevrier
Terathopius: 72.024 Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa), Burntisland, Fife
Terathopius: 49.109 Agapeta hamana, St Margaret's Marsh, Fife
J.Thomas.Barnes: Allen's Hummingbird (Selasphorus sasin)
shayne87: Souvenirs of Spring 29
paulhaughian: Blackheaded Gull Portrait 2
paulhaughian: Black Headed Gull
Omygodtom: Decaying.
musaalbayrak: MSA_0709
dominotic: 2021: Cold Brew Pour
flower photo fanatic: anotherPassionProfile
flower photo fanatic: doubleBlueIris
flower photo fanatic: greenCymbidiumOrchidSpray
flower photo fanatic: soloPeachCymb
flower photo fanatic: ComplexCompoLily copy
silviusdamicus: do you remember 211
kathwilliams1953: OSCAR the Puppy
Note-ables by Lynn: Happy Fence Friday
Robert Boczek: Turbo imperialis
Robert Boczek: Rapana venosa Early spring, early morning detail
Stephen Marcus: Showtime
Yesteryear-Automotive: Not my colour.