Richard-Abson.: Bridlington, 14th of August 2019.
The Stig 2009: Don't mess with the force!
mswan777: Resting on a park bench
Ionuț_Ciobotaru: IMG_20190602_180625787.
Ionuț_Ciobotaru: IMG_20190602_175420974_BURST000_COVER_TOP.
Ionuț_Ciobotaru: IMG_20190602_175318047
cresting_wave: Middle Way among the waves of impermanence
1968selin: IMG_6331
tmbx: Beyond the surface
hn.: Santiago de Cuba Oriente by Night © Ost-Kuba Lateinamerika Nacht ©
sergiochubby: ***trolleybuses***🚎☁️
hn.: Santiago de Cuba Oriente © Ost-Kuba Lateinamerika ©
jonarnefoss2013: Våghalsen footbridge
Peter353: Crispy Rolls
Peter353: Mango Roll
sergiochubby: ***her smile***👩‍❤️
sergiochubby: ***her smile***👩‍❤️
nVa17: pipes
mswan777: Grand Mere Shoreline
angelinas: les chuchoteuses ( the whisperers) a sculpture from Rose-Aimee Belanger an interesting sight in Montreal and Quebec City from a local artist
sergiochubby: ***back in time. courtyard***🚙🚘🎥
abnoon: Killarney National Park
lindquist6: Let’s Get This Party Started
lindquist6: Vespa Girl
lindquist6: Cottage Goals
Michael Beresin: Summertime series
Ionuț_Ciobotaru: IMG_20190707_174246713
Ionuț_Ciobotaru: IMG_20190609_162739144_BURST000_COVER_TOP