Mathias Liebing: Natural Abstract
Hana's images: Drops. A Slider:-)
haberwolf: HB2_190919_206f
Jane Simmonds: 264/365
noahbw: After Receding Waters 005
Bart van Damme: Pond 003
BillHinAnchorage: 9-5-19-9329_Cracks in Toklat mud-flickr
shodgins: 20190703_133855
larrynunziato: september faze
catalinamountains: Mica Pattern - IMG_9945
fiddlerswild: Rocks Traigh Eais 4
fernechino: Batsford Arboretum
luci_smid: indian summer
Raphs: The solidity you keep talking about
Paul.Frey: Artistic flower
Carol Aikman: Crayons
BillHinAnchorage: 8-29-19-9101-Salmon from the Bridge-more abstract-flickr
FotoperAmore: Viaggio verde e blu (It's algae underwater in a creek. Not made with Photoshop. RAW file processed)
alex kravtsov: Antelope Canyon, Arizona (5360)
LSydney: Sand and water
gabicuff1: Delicate dew on grass
lckoch61: Desert Plant
Jerzy Orzechowski: Frozen waves
noahbw: In Canyons 391
yannha: Petals
RainoL: February afternoon on the seashore (Lauttasaari, Helsinki, 20190224)
Christian Chene Tahiti: The last time I had a dream in blue
John W Little: Aftermath
solimages1: Gnarly Burl