Jürgen Hoge: lattich lactuca samen
V. A. S.: Abstract Drop on a Rose Petal
Raphs: I don't know
PeterClarkPhoto: perturbation
milltown01: Marsh Reduction
Mo Alam: on a grassy verge
tose56: From the album Sand and Water
peterkaroblis: Movement - Bewegung
Ethan.Winning: Agave coloata - Dead Leaves 5055
christophe.laigle: atmosphère bucolique
arrtography: Adirondack Texture
jrussell.1916: Just Leaves
LotusMoon Photography: Shimmering Cattails
haberwolf: HB3_211020_127f
damzed: Yvré l'Evêque : Arche de la Nature
Florian106: Herbstsonne
jerry.gladstone: Rock in the Pasture
jeandelalune: Lichen & Moss On Bark
PeterClarkPhoto: green pennants
Gocha Nemsadze: Into the Woods
alanrharris53: Pebbles (3)
breathelight3: bubbly riverside
vaneramos: Pipewort and ripples
cheryl.rose83: Water world
Sietch2011: Sandstone Cliff
Lostash: Fungi 2021 A - 64
HansHolt: filigreed Hosta leaf
haberwolf: HBX_211018_45f