Victor Muruet: Charrería mexicana
heraldeixample: Stacey, dama canadenca, xerra amb la seva amiga, Mini, com acordat amb mi, fent com si jo no hi fos. Foto feta a l’Av. Pau Casals, Barcelona.
josepponsibusquet.: Artista de carrer.
byronv2: Lothian Road at Night 03
byronv2: Lothian Road at Night 02
byronv2: Lothian Road at Night 04
Felson Finch: Puerta del Sol
Meta Lands: Metaxourgeio Connects With the World/Himalayas
Silver Machine: Cinquecento 2
drager meurtant: Rags for curtains
Karunyaraj: Slice of life
Karunyaraj: Potrait of a Worker
luismfernández: La siesta
luismfernández: Centrado - Centered
Wijnand Schouten: A part of Rotterdam
rainerneumann831: rio at night
Vincent Karcher: Gambia - Portrait
rainerneumann831: Durchgang
Blas Torillo: Sensualidad
Gareth1953 All Right Now: Folkestone Promenade Gardens - July 2010 - Nice Hat and Love the Sunglasses
backgroundgeo: Brooklyn (Greenpoint), NYc
ed.50: revising the plan
the foreign photographer - ฝรั่งถ่: with a chinese-looking grandma