mthomp00: Sunset Cliffs
Makgobokgobo: Golden
Esa Suomaa: Fox tracks and nothing else...☃️☃️
Stephen Marcus: Manly Wharf, Sydney
Stephen Marcus: Manly Cove, Sydney
Karrez Majik: littoral
rvk82: Golden hour
leo447i: DSCN1741
Alien Shores Imagery: Sea pictures. Greenfield Beach
tchia sheffer: The Photographer
agrnbrg: Rocks and the beach
TGN1: Special moment
rod1691: O'Side South Beach 24-8-15-20-5Dii-8X15mm
M McBey: The sand dunes of Maspalomas
subrec: Hazy Maderia Beach Sunset
gdenuzzio12: Companion
silvinodasilvaphotography: Seascape in Abano Beach, Alcabidexe. Cascais, Lisboa. Portugal
Antonella Foti: Ulivarella - Calabria - Italy
Bernie Emmons: Sea and Hazy Sky
panoskaralis: between two storms
agrnbrg: Reading a book during the Golden Hour. Just waiting for a magnificent sunset.
Nick Holcroft: New Zealand Wind Farm
ivanamednansky: Welcome guest :)
Photographer South Florida: Daytona Beach Pier, 1200 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA / Built: 1925 / Original Owner: Jeter McMillan / Length: 1000 feet / Architectural Style: Victorian
StefanosT: IMG_7436.jpg
Lara Sabe: Flying
Stephen Marcus: Marine Parade, Manly
timmendorf1: Sonnenuntergang über der Neustädter Bucht
Ioannis Ks: Two islands