mia patita: IMG_7262
RCB4J: juvenile starling
RCB4J: game on!
Roermond op de fiets!: Cooling down under the Holy supervision
Philippe Haumesser (+ 9000 000 view): "Rails qui s'embrassent déraillent ; Rails qui s'écartent de même." (Charles de Leusse)"Rails that kiss derail; Rails that stray alike."
Philippe Haumesser (+ 9000 000 view): Insolite art - Unusual art
ZerberuZ1: Travelling around
J..Curtis: The Eyes.
J..Curtis: (B)All Mine.
Andrew 62: The first Sunflower
Boogey Man: untitled
Grzesiek.: In the morning
Sotosoroto: Walking through the Meadow
Andrew 62: Alpaca Tales
J..Curtis: All The Pillows.
Sotosoroto: Danger Keep Off
Andrew 62: We're all mad here
David. W. Bailey.: Cemaes - 2016
wcw1940: Whitetail deer
Andrew 62: For sale
ARRRRT: Anti-establishment pet
Grzesiek.: Untitled
RTsan: Silence is Violence
Andrew 62: Still of the night
vimets : Guggenheim (Bilbao)
Sotosoroto: Columbine Sky
Only_to_be_kind: Pegasus - BW
ralux2004: 203/366
josepponsibusquet.: El balcó de les illes Medes.