Bryan Appleyard: Portobello Road
Cornelis photographer / author: playing pocket billiards, in the open air
Andy WXx2009: Cigarette 21 (Remember Summer)
wiredforlego: Generations by MeI Mei Lan
Decentra: crooked.
37 Four Zero 1: Direct Rail Services (DRS) Class 20 20309 (D8075) Kensington Olympia 7/2/15
pascalcolin1: In front of the traffic light
pharoahsax: Graffiti 2020 in Karlsruhe
Fallowsite: Si c'est rond, c'est du Marcus Tullius.
luismfernández: Pasajeros - Passengers
eddlam: DSC_8395
black#light: quarantäne
incognito7nyc: Sherman Memorial in Grand Army Plaza 5th Ave E59 St near Central Park & The Plaza Hotel Manhattan New York City NY P00776 DSC_2061
pharoahsax: Graffiti 2020 in Karlsruhe
Yasuhiro Torii: Yokohama, 2017
ASA PERCHMAN: Première neige, Bruxelles
Bryan Appleyard: Kensington Church Street: The Way We Are
37 Four Zero 1: East Coast (EC) Class 91 91125 York 29/11/14
Chris Toombes: Light pool
Ludo's World: Wat Pho Temple in B&W - Bangkok
Andre T 44: J’attends Monsieur Soleil.......
wiredforlego: We're All Dying by UTER
Chris Toombes: Air stream
wiredforlego: Big Daddy Wish Bone by UTER
Eating In Translation: US and Greek flags flying over the Buccaneer Diner, East Elmhurst, Queens Street Art/Graffiti, Catalkoy, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Rob Sneed: Gonzales, Texas
John Woolley Photos: LJ03MXL_2012_Derby