sandroraffini: Forme tubolari rosa in degrado. Pink tubular shapes in decay.
fransje 2103: Schiedam's special
vertblu: four-sided figures
Padmacara: Le Diagonal du Fou
matinaluz: 2017.04.08
Paul Perton: Exit - Singapore
hansn (4.9+ Million Views): Karlshamn City Hall
MMR15D: End of Day
Mark Noack: diversion...
pixiespark: evening by the sea
Iris_14: More stairs
matinaluz: 2018.11.15
Enista (thanks for your comments): This is not Atlantis
cyppoon (Chris Poon): MOUNTAIN BARRIER (D81_1017s)
andrefromont: La vitesse inférieure
msdonnalee: sunburnt stucco
Kobb713: Alméria
Doc. Ing.: Diverca, 7 [Vrbnik - 3 September 2019]
yanomano_: Aloe blossom
yanomano_: IMG_8103
David M Strom: Minneapolis Geometry
llawsonellis: Urban No 86
montel7: geometry and reflections
matinaluz: 2017.02.25
Bluesrose: interior
hansn (4.9+ Million Views): The Mother Tree III
hansn (4.9+ Million Views): The Mother Tree II
sue wood1: Crab claw pendant
sandroraffini: Torre d'osservazione nella pineta oscura. Watchtower in the dark pine forest. B&W