bkkay1: A swath of water droplets.
Alexandre D_: Skittle drop ? [in explore #467, 26th Oct. 2017]
Hana's images: Drops in Fall colors. A Slider:-)
indiadawn: Nomadic Cosmos
@magda627: Under the microscope
Guy Fin64: In the pink.....
indiadawn: Bokeh Tree
Ioannis Ks: After the rain
Hana's images: Autumn's Leaf
Guy Fin64: Wet bamboo......
Ioannis Ks: With droplets
bkkay1: "Balls" of water.
patrickmarshall2959: DSC_2831 Hippo 7 Okavango Delta 2019_crrsh
@magda627: I see droplets...
indiadawn: Kaleidoscope
Frayed-Knot: Little Egret 3
@magda627: Hanging on the hook
Sebo23: Waterdrop
photographe 60: waterdrop-
Wolfgang Schrade: 2 Tropfen rot gruen Schirm schief
@magda627: Droplets everywhere
CécileAF: Quai des Orfèvreries
Guy Fin64: Sleepy swan…….
indiadawn: Raspberry Gumdrops
Ioannis Ks: Snail
@magda627: One droplet at the time
CécileAF: Le yin et le yang
Thanh_Tung: Drinking dewdrop on the dandelion