matthewwick1973: 47810 'PORTERBROOK' MANCHESTER PICCADILLY 21/8/2003
JC R.: Luxembourg City
miguel.discart: 2023-09-30_20-26-18_ILCE-7C_DSC17722_Kiri_DxO
matthewwick1973: J60JXR HUGH SIMPSON, WICK, CAITHNESS 3/12/2023
Ratters: Thanks for the Views and Favs:): Red Bull "Flying Bull's" Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft.
Ratters: Thanks for the Views and Favs:): Danish Air Force General Dynamics F16 Fighting Falcon
Ratters: Thanks for the Views and Favs:): Polish Air Force " Aerobatic team Orlic"
JC R.: Feeling good
JC R.: Communication made in Luxembourg
matthewwick1973: 56132 C.F. BOOTH'S, ROTHERHAM 11/4/2006
visol: Portinatx, Eivissa
visol: Cala Xarraca, Eivissa
visol: Portinatx, Eivissa
pirlouit72: France; Conques
pirlouit72: France; Conques
Lucupe: Con la sonrisa intacta
chris murkin: Peckforton castle Located near Beeston in Cheshire England UK
martinelliss: A touch of frost
martinelliss: A touch of frost
chris murkin: Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II Jet Warthog 244 USAF 80-0244 Blacksnakes Indiana Air National Guard Fort Wayne 122nd Fighter Wing Painted in Anniversary 100 Years Indiana Air National Guards
chris murkin: North American P51D Mustang N251CS 463747 USAAF 44-74977 Charlottes Chariot II & North American P51-D Mustang HI-G N6306T 1945 44-74878 USAAF 1947 44-74878 USAF 1951 9259 RCAF
chris murkin: 1941 Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk 108 USAAF 41-35927 N1941P Delivered to RAF as ET573 s/n 4181M
chris murkin: North American T-6G Texan N5451E USAF 49-3382 TA-382
chris murkin: 1942 Cessna UC-78C (T-50) Bobcat N88878 272125 C/N 4121 USAAF 42-72125
chris murkin: Canadar CF-5D Freedom Fighter N840MQ Served with the Canadian Armed Forces 116840
chris murkin: 1950 Cessna 170A N9612A
Ken Barley: Queen of Hearts, Cambridge
Ken Barley: Busker in a bin, Cambridge