Paul Comstock: Ringing Rocks
daveymills37886: SSG 456 111 Frick
Paul Comstock: man facing southeast
Paul Comstock: house on a hill
Paul Comstock: Joe with steak
Ratters: Thanks for the Views and Favs:): Nigerian Air Force A29 Super Tucano
haroldmoses: Sperm Whale or Cachalot (Physeter macrocephalus)
haroldmoses: Sandwich Tern feeding its chick
Ratters: Thanks for the Views and Favs:): Cargolux "50th Anniversary" B747-800F
Jeff-Photo: Les larmes
JOHN BRACE: 70006 IMG_7880
Peter Camyre: Here's Jani
Ebroh: Spire of St Michael's Anglican Church, Vaucluse
Ebroh: Scaevola aemula, Fairy Fan-flower, Common Fan-flower
Ebroh: Graffiti, long one ... about length of half a carriage
martinelliss: Pisa Cathedral
Silvia Pantieri: L'incorporeo appeso
Ebroh: Kiteboarding
daveymills37886: LNVG 246 004 Hamburg Harburg
Peter Camyre: Natalie
Keith B Pics: 1951 Dodge Coronet
Keith B Pics: Hadleigh Castle
kennethsimms691: This week it's a more distant view of this 'Powerful Giant' overlooking Swithland Sidings, Great Central Railway (GCR), Leicestershire - Happy Telegraph Tuesday (HTT) Everyone!