Renex68: the blue hour - Our Daily Challenge
tapatim: jöre
Felina Photography - Lago di Sorapíss - Veneto - Italia
Felina Photography - Laghetti di Chièra - Ticino - Svizzera
Felina Photography - Rhônegletscher - Wallis - Schweiz
Felina Photography - Lago Barone - Ticino - Svizzera
Felina Photography - Rosa delle Alpi - Robièi - Ticino - Svizzera
Felina Photography - Gornersee und Grenzgletscher - Wallis - Schweiz
Felina Photography - Lavertezzo - Ticino - Svizzera
Chacun chacune: Quelque part au Rwanda
tapatim: divineblue
Ma.Ha.: Calm Lake
Chacun chacune: Yorkshire sculpture park 1
balu51: Last, but not least a scenic descent down to the lake.
vertblu: light water colours
Fabio75Photo: sunset at Nasso
dw*c: Road trip
YourCastlesDecor: Last Summer's Cravings
FrankaMacca: Lines& Squares
FrankaMacca: Scaffolding as installation
Fabio75Photo: Stare in Pace
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tapatim: blugre
HodgeDogs: ''Into The Light''