bokehizm: DSC07827
seriousPix: Prix_the_Joke
dbuckle2695: Silverware
leo.roos: Two curvy triangles
seriousPix: Marken, Holland
leo.roos: Decentral composition
walter_g: Massabesic Sunset 8-14-21
walter_g: Lake Massabesic 8-14-21
leo.roos: Double vision
leo.roos: Sedum universe
leo.roos: Old chair
leo.roos: African lily
leo.roos: Ons hart
leo.roos: Where walls meet
leo.roos: New variant?
leo.roos: Blinds
leo.roos: Helenium
leo.roos: Architectural potpourri
leo.roos: Wheelie bins
leo.roos: Grass
leo.roos: Cemetery symbolism
leo.roos: Emergency door
leo.roos: Acer
leo.roos: The secret life of water barrels
leo.roos: Lamb's tongue, or the end of the poppy season
leo.roos: Hoverfly in its nest
leo.roos: Hosta
leo.roos: Dahlia
leo.roos: Cosmea country
eberhardwild: MIRANDA E 1:1,4/50mm