honey and milk: Two whites
Studio d'Xavier: Angel of Night
honey and milk: simplicity
borishots: Architecture [E]
TheSneed: 1. blue shirt2 - done
TheSneed: 1. sunglasses -DONE
TheSneed: 1. white dress - opt 2 - DONE
xrverde: bottice7
honey and milk: Turquoise line
borishots: Oslo by night
honey and milk: Freckles
Studio d'Xavier: Ansco Cadet
Studio d'Xavier: Gunslinger - Lester and his Colt Dragoon
Studio d'Xavier: Portrait of a Man with a Portrait of Himself as a Young Man
boissier.cyril: Calme avant la tempête
xrverde: DSC_2181fd_pe2b
Studio d'Xavier: Deep Beneath the River
honey and milk: Violet-pink
Studio d'Xavier: Composition 12B
honey and milk: In flower halo
honey and milk: Pink Peony
Studio d'Xavier: Ford and 2 Bugs