panoskaralis: Supper time...
IanAWood: Cattle in the barn, Whiteheath Farm
IanAWood: Young cows
Jusotil_1943: Adiós Cordera
Jusotil_1943: 23-02-2016 023
Jusotil_1943: 02-02-18 108
Jusotil_1943: exposiciones
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Rainy days and Mondays “don’t get me down” 🎶pic #2
IanAWood: Dexter Bull in Frogmore Meadows NR
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Awwww...rainy days and Mondays “don’t” get me down.🎶
IanAWood: The Herd
Jusotil_1943: Asturias
Jusotil_1943: Lago La Ercina
Jeffrey Neihart: A Holstein Sunset
IanAWood: Chewing the cud
Jusotil_1943: La Mesada. Villaviciosa
Jusotil_1943: Bolero y Jardinera III
Jusotil_1943: Piloña. Lote Campeón. 2018
Jusotil_1943: La Mesada.Triunfador
Jusotil_1943: Triunfador
Jusotil_1943: Bolero
Jusotil_1943: Bolero
Chris R Baldock: I’m off !! Out to pasture And just where have you been? Middleton Place 6/14/89 I spy a photographer! Just a cow
deetaah: Hmmm, Du bist ja immer noch hier / Hmmm, you're still there ...