TheJennire: Milena
egoitz moreno: Verano 2019
Luc Gd: Black Silence
TheseusPhoto: Cassandra-211
TheseusPhoto: Cassandra-132
TheseusPhoto: Cassandra-191
vladobgd: DSC_0561
Luc Gd: cléa 3
​​​​​ ˘°º•`:•☆Goddess of Dreams: Women who believe that the man they are with would not deceive them because they are special. That is false; There are men cheating great women every day. That a man is faithful, has more to do with the type of man he is, what with the type of woman...
​​​​​ ˘°º•`:•☆Goddess of Dreams: Beauty can be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal😍❤... G'night ⭐🌜⭐💋
Luc Gd: mont Salève ( couleur ),
vladobgd: Jelena
maggiolonegiallo: Women world 052
Nikobo3: 20190720 Kenia-Lago Victoria (177) R01
Luc Gd: cotton 3
TheseusPhoto: Erin-48
Davide Lauriola Photography: The Kami Of The Lake
Matt Hahnewald: 2016-02a Facing Tamil Nadu (03)
TheJennire: Drielly
TheJennire: Federica
TheseusPhoto: Erin-121
roambr: Assisi