bigvern: Western Panorama
The 69th Dimension: Inyo County, CA
LostOzarkRambler: Wyoming Theatre Neon
D. Inscho: Kulshan's bridal veil
Simon Huynh: Some moments are like GOLD
Never Forfeit By JC Clemens: Horseshoe Bend, AZ
Torsten Hartmann Photography: Archangel Falls, Zion NP (USA)
Mike G junior: Exploring Zion National Park
sjb4photos: Lava Fields of McKenzie Pass, Oregon - 1982
jizzbear64: Bunkhouse
jgokoepke: Tunnel View in Yosemite Valley
Hanson Aerial Photography: The Balanced Rock
Ken'sKam: Leaf and Stump
stumbleon: DSC_0168-a59
rdreeg: Yosemite Falls Reflection
inkknife_2000 (12 million views): Autumn Reflections, Lake George, Sierra Nevada 2017
stumbleon: DSC_0046-a28
Jay Gannett: Cottonwood Tree
revatichowgule: Dream Lake Sunrise (Rocky Mountain National Park)
pom'.: Hoover Dam, Arizona & Nevada, USA
AntyDiluvian: Weeping Wall (2)
AntyDiluvian: Weeping Wall (1)
Agirard: Rhyolite, mining ghost town, Nevada
janos.hajas: Half Dome detail
janos.hajas: View from Dante´s View on Badwaters
tlswan2: Stormy Day at White Sands
ludivine27: 1Z4A0972